ASA 107 – Celestial Navigation


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5 Day Classroom Class

(ASA 105 required)

This course builds upon the Basic celestial navigation one. The student learns how do use sun sights to establish a running fix. The student will learn how to calculate the morning and evening sunset, civil, and nautical twilight. Then the student learns how to reduce planet, stars, and moon sights in establishing fixes. Most importantly, the student learns how to work with the star finder to identify useful stars and planets prior to taking a morning or evening sextant shot or how to identify the appropriate star or planet after shooting an unidentified celestial body. After completing this intense course, the student will have the basic skills to incorporate celestial navigation into his/her navigational toolbox.



Dec 7,8,9,10,11
or Zoom Class Meeting



Feb 22,- 26

Nov 6 – 10

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Chesapeake Bay, North, South


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