Client Feedback

“I truly appreciate you, your encouragement, and instruction. Teaching sailing is very gratifying for me!” – Jeff

“Cheryl and I really enjoyed your education and your insights. We look forward to learning from you in the future.” – Brian and Cheryl

“Thanks so much for the photos and the wonderful class. Having a real educator at the helm of this project makes a huge difference. We have all seen folks who may have been masters of a skill but could not convey intentions and instructions, or answer questions clearly and concisely at all. Your abilities in this regard are a very refreshing departure from the average instructor or IE. You are a tremendous credit to the ASA and it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you so much for an excellent experience!” – Peter

“It was truly a life event, in a great way. I feel privileged and honored to have been able to attend your IQC.” – Wayne

“I also wanted to express to you my deepest thanks to you for being such a tremendous teacher and instructor. Even though it was not a ‘teaching class’, you were not only able to instinctively tell just how much we were able to demonstrate on the skills classes; but you also were subtly able to let us know what we needed to know to be able to pass the written exams.
In the 11 years I was in college I had three great teachers who made a tremendous impact on my future – one in undergraduate, one in dental school, and the last in my orthodontic program. I am now adding you to that list, which makes it an even 4 influential teacher/instructors over my educational years.” – Charles B.

“Capt. Dave, Thank you so much for teaching the fantastic Celestial Nav Class in February (2018) this past year. I seriously mean it when I say that class was Fantastic! It was a truly excellent class. You are obviously devoted to teaching. You really are devoted to the students understanding and able to do both the chart work and practice hands-on applications. The 207 IQC clinic was equally as professional. In summary, thank you so much for running a great class and a great clinic. You are a good role model for me, as to the way you conduct your classes. I have both learned and admired you and I do not say that lightly or often.” – Robin B.

“I found Capt Dave Renoll of R&R Charters and Sail School through the ASA website. The best decision I ever made was choosing his company to teach me how to sail. He is a very knowledgeable, engaging, and patient instructor. He makes learning how to sail an easy and fun experience. I’ve taken several certification courses with him already and plan to take many more over the next couple years. It was a pleasure to be welcomed aboard his vessels Moondance and At Last! I recommend him highly to anyone interested in learning to sail in a safe and enjoyable environment.” – Natalie S.

“Dave, I have just completed for the first time, but not the last, the sailing fundamentals 3-day session. It was an interesting, pleasant learning experience. Rich Myers certainly is competent, attentive, thoughtful, and thorough as a sailor and sailing instructor. I did not take the test. I’m fairly confident I would have “passed.” Yet simply “passing” was not my objective. I wish to be very confident–to put my basic knowledge and skills to use safely and securely. And that will take at least another ASA 101 class. Looking forward to more days on Moon Dance soon. Meanwhile, I will continue to build on the learning I have just begun. Thanks for the experience. Peace, ” – Craig

“Dave: Thanks so much for a great dose of personal attention and top-notch instruction. Thanks.” – Steve

“I want to thank you [Capt. Jerry] and R&R Charters and Sail School for providing such a thorough and enjoyable 3-day Basic Keel Boat 101 class. Your patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging instruction increased my confidence in being a skillful crew member and skipper on future sailing trips. I enjoyed my time with you and I’m thrilled I am now a member of the American Sailing Association thanks to your expert guidance.” – Carolyn

“Captain Renoll is an excellent instructor. He is affirming of skills well done and corrects areas that need attention. He connected with our entire class and purposefully took time to keep us at ease. He was purposeful in everything he did. He emphasized safety and keeping the experience enjoyable. He debriefed each experience and modeled for us the methods we were to implement.” – Jeff

“A special thank you to Captain David Renoll. Thanks for my ASA training! It came in quite handy during our shoot for MedStar Georgetown University Hospital” – Ron Irizarry

“The docking instruction has dramatically improved my ability to handle my vessel. I’ve had a chance to employ many of the techniques you showed me, in a range of conditions including some of the warping approaches. Day to day docking has been night and day since learning how to properly back a sailboat into a slip, and Gina rarely has to be involved in the docking process (unless of course she wants to be!). As we were moving the boat from South River to the Patapsco for the winter this weekend, I realized many of my seamanship skills beyond the basic mechanics of sailing such as navigation, docking, safety procedures, etc. are a result of your instruction. Thanks again for all the excellent teaching – looking forward to sailing with you in the future!” – Josh

“I have taken several ASA instructor level courses with Dave Renoll and he is the BEST!” Robert

“Thank you both for your hospitality and sharing your expertise with us. Our trip to the Chesapeake was a memorable one we will cherish forever.” – Fran and Mike

“Captain Dave, we really enjoyed the day away from the pressures of work and moving. It’s a complete 180 to make a change from power boating to sailing. Yesterday was a good first step in planning next summer, when we hope to carve out time to take the first on the water class. Your experiences were an inspiration – to get started on forging ahead with ours on the water!” – Debi and Bud

“What a Great Day! – Thanks for a great day of sailing last Friday! Susan and I had a blast…and taking out two boats in one day was quite an experience! We chartered Amici in the morning; then spent the afternoon sailing with you on Moondance at no additional cost. We can’t wait to complete our ASA 104 so we can use Moondance with our kids for an entire weekend – on our own.– John and Susan

“Thanks for your time and patience. I feel better able to take this knowledge and apply it on the water.” – Carroll

“I enjoyed the class. Very glad we got a chance to sail to Dobbins Island.” – Stephen

“Great class! I love the Chesapeake.” – Jim

Thank you! Time with you in your school, and sailing Amici was one of my most pleasurable learning experiences, which I will always remember and recommend to everybody who is thinking about sailing.” – Matt

“It was a pleasure meeting you. I had a very good time and came away with a lot of good ideas and ways to make it a great experience for my students. Thanks, Captain Dave! I appreciate your time and look forward to working with you in the future.” – Michael

“I wanted to thank you again for the sailing classes last week. It was a real pleasure and I feel like I have learned so much. Sue and I have plans to get together at the end of September and we will take my husband out for a sail to show off what we have learned.” – Norma

My husband and I had a super day! The weather was great and the sailing was exciting. Captains Dave and Penny went out of their way to make our day a success.” – Carolyn

“I have never smiled so much! – Cheryl

“My son, Tommy, has never enjoyed himself as much as he did on our charter to St. Michaels. He can’t wait to go sailing again! – Lori

“Captain David Renoll, our capable leader, is an exceptional person and teacher. Captain Renoll maintained his smile and good will at all times. If a school of learning is measured by the difference between what you learned and what you thought you knew beforehand, then your school is a success.!” – Kevin

“We had a great time with you on the water! Thank you for taking the time to teach us so much. We look forward to seeing you for the next class! – Jesse & Becki

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