ASA 103 – Coastal Cruising


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3 Day Class

ASA 101 required


The student will learn to sail a boat of about 20 – 30 feet in length in light to moderate winds and sea conditions and in familiar waters. This course includes knowledge of basic terminologies, navigation rules, required and recommended safety gear, communication between captain and crew, proper commands for tacks and jibes, and much more. You will learn basic skills on all points of sail, crew overboard recovery, and docking. Take advantage of your opportunity to stay aboard and save money on a hotel room. We have space for either two couples or two individuals in separate berths on board Moondance.


Oct 24,25,26


Apr 26,27,28

May 11,12,13

May 18,19,20

May 31, June 1,2

June 8,9,10

June 14,15,16

June 21,22,23

June 29,30, July 1

July 6,7,8

July 13,14,15

July 19,20,21

July 27,28,29

Aug 3,4,5

Aug 9.10,11

Aug 17,18,19

Aug 24,25,26

Aug 31. Sept 1,2

Sept 6.7.8

Sept 14,15,16

Sept 20,21,22

Sept 28,29,30

Oct 5,6,7

Oct 11,12,13

Oct 18,19,20

Oct 26,27,28



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Chesapeake Bay, North, South


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