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MAY 2012

Crabs - An Original Chesapeake Experience

photoItís the beginning of the new boating season, and thoughts turn to crabs and crabbing. In an earlier issue of BoatBuzz, I wrote about my sampling of Cream of Crab Soup up and down the bay. Itís one of my favorites, and Annieís Restaurant at Kent Narrows still holds the number one spot! Although Iíve had some other very good ones at many spots around the bay, I personally donít care for Maryland Crab Soup, which is more of a vegetable soup with crab meat, rather than beef. But donít let me prevent you from sampling this specialty, too.

Many of our students and charterers enjoy picking steamed crabs. Recently, I had a great British couple from a small town near Stratford on Avon, aboard Zufrieden for a two day charter. The husband couldnít wait to have steamed crabs, so naturally, I made arrangements to dock at The Crab Claw Restaurant in St. Michaels. While his wife enjoyed a plump and juicy crab cake, he picked and ate his entire dozen steamed crabs trapped locally in the Wye River.

My grandson Aaron, enjoys trying to catch his crabs on a line or in a trap. When we have enough, we steam them and pick the meat to make our own wonderful crab cakes. Thereís nothing like the taste of fresh picked crab meat, but I prefer it in a crab cake. I just donít have the patience to work for an hour, picking enough crab meat to make a filling dinner Ė Iíd rather chow down on a ridiculously large broiled crab cake with some fresh corn on the cob!

Think Charter


Donít miss our Maryland blue crab season! Maybe, youíd like to try catching your own meal while sitting at anchor in Wye River or Swan Creek. R&R Charters and Sail School wants to remind our students you have the opportunity to charter Amici, and practice what youíve learned! For a reasonable hourly rate, weíll charter to students who have completed ASA 101 Basic Keelboat or ASA 103 Beginning Cruising course with R&R. Simply drop us an email with your dates and time, weíll block you in, and send you an eInvoice for the fee. Remember classes only present the knowledge and skills, practice develops proficiency.

Completing R&Rís ASA 104 Bareboat Charter class, qualifies you to charter Moondance for an overnight or weekend cruise on your own! Sheís a fast, small, cruising vessel, and will sleep four adults comfortably. Imagine sailing to Wye River, St. Michaelís, Annapolis, or any of the other great sailing destinations within just a few short hours of our marina. Picture yourself standing at the helm piloting Moondance to her mooring or anchorage, then relaxing in the cockpit while a great evening dinner sizzles on the grill and crabs tug at your line.

Sailing is not just a pastime for us. It truly is a way of life and a passion. All those daily stresses are casted off with the dock lines. Whether you choose to sail Amici for a few hours or Moondance for a weekend, you will return to the dock refreshed and ready to face another long week of work. Come join us and become part of the sailing community.



Attention All Procrastinators! -
Many scheduled sail classes in May through mid June are nearly full. Others from mid June through September already have some spaces filled. Donít wait any longer to register for your next sail class! We really donít want to turn anyone away! R&R Charters and Sail School prides itself on giving our students top quality instruction and sailing experience. Come join us for the fun in 2012, and perhaps next winter youíll be on your own SunSail charter in the BVI.


Fun Cruising -
Maybe you donít feel comfortable enough to sail on your own yet. You can always book Zufrieden for a captained charter for a day, a weekend, a week, or maybe just a sunset sail. Naturally, youíll be allowed to take the helm and gain some great coaching as you enjoy the waters of the Chesapeake.



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