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MAY 2011

2011 Lunch on the Hook


Although the Chester River is so close, itís still one of our favorite cruising rivers on the Eastern Shore. When you head up the Chester, there are numerous locations for a short lunch stop or an overnight stay. Just a few miles northeast of the Narrows is the quaint little town of Queenstown. Itís a great stop for lunch! Once inside the channel, turn to port and choose a location just off the town, sit back, and enjoy a relaxing lunch on the hook.

If you prefer a bit longer sail prior to lunch, turn to port before you get to Queenstown, and continue up the river. About three miles north, you can spot the entrance marker for Reedís Creek. After clearing the red entrance nun, turn to starboard and go roughly another mile. Thereís a large, well-protected area where you can enjoy a lazy lunch or even spend the night. It is not unusual for us to spend an entire weekend there, just enjoying some time with friends and relaxing. Often, you can even go swimming without worrying about nettles.

Some people prefer to sail a couple miles farther, and head into either Langford Creek or the Corisca River. Both offer numerous spots to spend time riding on the hook, and rank right up there with the Wye, deserving much more attention.

Chestertown by Boat


Penny and I had four free days near the end of last summer, so we decided to explore the head waters of the Chester River, and sailed up to Chestertown. Although we had driven through this small Eastern Shore town many times, and had even stopped for lunch and a bit of shopping, we had never arrived there by boat. First of all, it has to be your planned destination, since it is about 25 miles up the river. Secondly, past Chestertown, there just isnít enough water for a large sailboat to navigate safely.

After 5 hours sailing and navigating up the river, we dropped our anchor in the middle of the river just off the dinghy dock in town. We jumped into our tender and landed ashore. Walking through town, we stopped for some super ice cream, window shopped in many of the stores, and wandered through others. There are many different and interesting shops with clothing, furniture, art, and antiques. After grilling a great steak dinner aboard, we sat back in the cockpit with a glass of wine and enjoyed the pleasant coolness after the beautiful sunset. We couldnít understand why we had waited so long to visit Chestertown by water. Rest assured, we will be back there long before another 30 years! Perhaps you would like to sail and explore the wonders of the Chester River and Chestertown.

Live it. Love it. Learn it.

With the new season finally here, itís time to get serious about your cruise planning! Check your calendar and arrange to spend some time living the wonderful cruising life yourself. You can enjoy a great three to five day cruise, and get your sail instruction at the same time! We can easily do ASA 101 and 103, or ASA 103 and 104 while cruising to some of the best locations on the Bay. Look back at the last two BoatBuzz issues to read about some of the destinations you could visit this summer.



Redoing the Teak -
is a springtime ritual. Amici is relatively simple; clean and scrub the wood, let it dry, and perhaps do a touch of light sanding. Tape around the fiberglass and apply two coats of teak sealer. Amici always looks good for the entire season.


Zufriedenís teak is a major undertaking this time. Several years ago, I read about a new finish for teak that would ďlook like varnish and last for three to four yearsĒ. After spending countless hours sanding everything down, and applying the ďgreatĒ finish to the wood, I was extremely disappointed. The surface was rough, bubbly, and uneven. So this spring, itís back to square one. Itís time to remove the remains of the nasty stuff, sand, and then apply the good, dependable teak sealer to the surface. Soon, Zufriedenís teak will be back to normal!



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