ASA Sailing School Course Descriptions

ASA 101
Basic Keelboat Sailing Standard – 3 days $525

The student will learn to sail a boat of about 20 feet in length in light to moderate winds and sea conditions and in familiar waters.  This course includes knowledge of basic terminologies, navigation rules, required and recommended safety gear, communication between captain and crew, proper commands for tacks and jibes, and much more.  You will learn basic skills on all points of sail, crew overboard recovery, and docking. Take advantage of your opportunity to stay aboard and save money on a hotel room. We have space for either two couples or two individuals in separate berths on board Moondance.

ASA 103
Basic Coastal Cruising Standard – 3 days $525

(ASA 101 required)

The student will learn to cruise safely in local and regional waters, as both skipper and crew, on an auxiliary sailboat of about 20 to 30 feet in length, in moderate winds and sea conditions.  This course includes knowledge about gear and equipment, safety, weather, duties of skipper and crew, and seamanship.  You will learn skills in boat handling under power and sail, crew overboard recovery, docking, anchoring, reefing, and heaving to. Take advantage of your opportunity to stay aboard and save money on a hotel room. We have space for either two couples or two individuals in separate berths on board Moondance.

ASA 104
Bareboat Cruising Standard – 4 days $925

(ASA 101 & 103 required)

This is the intermediate cruising standard for individuals with basic cruising experience.  The student will act as skipper or crew of a 30 - 50 foot boat sailing by day in coastal waters.  This course includes knowledge of boat systems (engine cooling, fuel, electrical, marine head), maintenance procedures, and emergency situations.  You will plan and provision for your cruise, learn more about weather and radio communications, plot and sail a course to a destination, anchor overnight, and dock in a transient slip or pick up a mooring.  You will also learn more about  sail trim. During the class you will be expected to cook underway and at anchor as well as do clean-up chores.

ASA 105
Coastal Navigation Standard – 3 days $350

The student will demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters.  No sailing skills are included in this standard.  The practical application of this sailing knowledge is found in the advanced coastal cruising standard.  This course includes topics on compass corrections, chart reading, course plots, fixes and bearings, current and tide calculations, and navigation corrections for leeway and current.

ASA 106
Advanced Coastal Cruising Standard – 7 days $1500

(ASA 101, 103, 104, & 105 required)

The student will learn to operate a sailing vessel 30-50 feet in length in coastal and inland waters, in any weather condition.  You will learn to establish crew rotation for long passages, advanced sail shape and trim.  This course includes more knowledge of weather, seamanship, engineering, safety, and solutions for emergency repairs.  Foremost, you learn to sail a vessel safely by day and night. Our passage may be a Delmarva circumnavigation or a passage up and down the Chesapeake. The passage will be the sole decision of R&R Charters and Sai School based upon the number of students and the forecasted weather.

ASA 107
Celestial Navigation Standard – 6 day$795

This course builds upon the Basic celestial navigation one. The student learns how do use sun sights to establish a running fix. The student will learn how to calculate the morning and evening sunset, civil, and nautical twilight. Then the student learns how to reduce planet, stars, and moon sights in establishing fixes. Most importantly, the student learns how to work with the star finder to identify useful stars and planets prior to taking a morning or evening sextant shot or how to identify the appropriate star or planet after shooting an unidentified celestial body. After completing this intense course, the student will have the basic skills to incorporate celestial navigation into his/her navigational toolbox.

ASA 108
Offshore Passage Making – 12-14 days $2500

(ASA 101, 103, 104, 105, 106, & 107 required)

The student will be able to skipper a sailing vessel on an extended offshore passages requiring celestial navigation. The student will learn the following skills: knowledge of long-term passage planning, offshore vessel selections, sail repair, offshore watch-keeping, emergency procedures, abandon ship protocols, safety, and seamanship..

ASA 118
Docking Endorsement - 1 day $250

The student will learn the theory of prop-walk and prop-wash and will apply these while approaching a slip or dock.  The students will learn to read the current and wind, and learn to make the necessary adjustments while docking.  Additionally, the student will learn to use spring lines while leaving and approaching a dock or slip.

ASA 119
Weather Endorsement - 3 days $350

The student will learn to locate internet data for the most up-to-date weather forecasts, to read and to interpret this information, and then, to compare it to on-board observations.  Of prime concern will be the effects of the wind on wave formation, around land masses, and with approaching storms.  The student will learn appropriate actions to take in order to minimize storm wind, which can improve the safety of the vessel and crew.

ASA 120
Radar Operator Endorsement - 3 days $350

The student will learn the basic controls for operating a radar unit such as picture-quality controls, sea clutter, and rain clutter.  Topics include using electronic range and bearing lines; head-up, course-up, and north-up screens; determining the risk of collision; solving relative motion diagrams; and using radar for navigation.  Students will learn these skills through the use of computer interactive exercises.

ASA Challenge Classes

ASA does allow students to challenge some of the on the water classes. R&R Charters and Sail School does provide this opportunity to our students for ASA 101, ASA 103, or ASA 104. Please check our Class Schedule and Fee page for the fees for each of these. All challenge course will need to be scheduled by the student with R&R Charters and Sail School.

Become a Sail Instructor

R&R Charters and Sail School offers two ASA Instructor Qualification Clinics each season for individuals who wish to become a certified sail instructor. Check out the schedule, call ASA, and start teaching other people to safely enjoy sailing.

State Safe Boater Certification

ASA and R&R Charters and Sail School, in partnership with now provides our students the opportunity to acquire their home state safe boater certification online. Just click on the link above to connect to ASA's website, follow the simple instructions, and save money and time.

USCG License

Are you interested in earning your US Coast Guard captain's license? Captain David Renoll can provide you with personal or group tutoring in preparation for your Coast Guard test at a reasonable rate. I will personalize instruction to fit your schedule and your personal needs. I will also provide personal guidance in completing your Coast Guard paperwork and filing. I have been an instructor for 3B's Captain's School for over 15 years during which time more than 93% of my students have passed their required exams. Why pay big dollars to an online school when you can have the personal touch.

There are three segments in preparation for your license:

Navigation Rules : 8 hours - $175

Piloting/Plotting : 12 hours - $250

Deck General : 6 hours - $125

You can choose which segment you want to take. I will provide you will all study materials.

Call or email me, and earn your Coast Guard captain's license now!

The Possibilities

When your classes draw to a close, how about some hands on sailing fun? Check out our charter options. You can charter Moondance for a few hours to hone your sailing skills, and just have fun without the pressure of an instructor aboard. Or perhaps you would like to really cruise. How about a crewed charter aboard At Last for a day, weekend, or week? R&R is here for you.